Goodbyes are hard.

I’ve been saying lots of them lately. To the community that has loved me well for two decades. To a city where I finally actually know where I’m going. And to a career that’s far more than a job.

Leaving something you know for something you don’t is all the feelings.

But I can’t move on without moving on.

And I want what’s next.

Which means letting go of what’s been.

For me, that also means this blog.

I’ve loved writing and sharing and learning with all of you. It’s been humbling to have others care what I think about and ache over. And life-giving to know others are praying and rooting for our kiddos. And for us.

But I’ve ended poorly before. Long after I should have. And I don’t want to do that here.

So as I face less fostering and more forever, it’s time to stop writing Fostering Real.

Thank you isn’t enough. But it’s what I have.

Thank you.


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  1. Pam

    Liz, I don’t know you, but have learned so much about you and your journey. A few years ago when I began reading your blog, I (already grandparent-age) wanted to foster more children. I’d already gone through raising four children who weren’t my biological children though not through an agency, and after going through all the classes several times, the agency turned me down because I didn’t make enough off my retirement to support more children. It was a crushing blow, but focused on my other love, which is writing and am on my second novel, though none have been published yet.
    I don’t want to downplay all that you have written because it was and has been very emotional in the writing, reading, but most importantly, to you in the living, so please don’t take want I’m going to say next as an unemotional plea. You are an amazing writer. In a few words, you can capture an emotion that is, for most people, indescribable. I hope someday you can continue to write because your writing – enlightens.
    I wish you well in your continuing journey that takes a different path. I pray that you allow God to lead you into hope, allow Him to walk beside you in comfort, and behind you in protection.
    I’ve never met you, and certainly life on this planet keeps us busy, but know that you have an old grandma in WV whom your words have blessed and touched and taught. God go with you! Pam

  2. Sara

    Thank you for sharing, and God’s blessings to you as you start a new chapter. I’ve enjoyed reading your thoughts, and I’ve learned from you.

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