Not funny.

Not funny.

I’m over-sensitive. And have been for 36 years.

Awkwardly, I’m actually most sensitive about being sensitive.

But foster care and adoption are a close second.

So it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that when people joke about putting their kids up for adoption, I cringe.

I get it. Parenting is hard. So we laugh about needing a glass of wine or putting ourselves in timeout.

It doesn’t feel like a big leap to take it a step further.

To threaten to throw in the towel and drop the kids at the fire station, as one Christian author quipped.

Please stop.

Not because I’m struggling with infertility and working through mounds of paperwork, tests, and interviews to try to adopt a child.

For once, this actually isn’t about me.

It’s about the moms who have bravely chosen adoption. They didn’t give up on their kids and throw in the towel. They felt they were choosing the best life for their child.

And even more importantly, it’s about the adopted kids.

Think about what that joke communicates to an adopted child for a moment.

I don’t need to spell it out. You get it.

We don’t know all the stories of those around us. And even when we do, often we forget.

But we can find kinder, legitimately funnier jokes to tell no matter who is beside us. Let’s.