On Mother’s Day.

On Mother’s Day.

In a perfect world all moms would be equipped. We would all have the resources we need when we need them. We would be free from addiction, have safe and adequate housing and clothing, and enough food to nourish our bodies and those of our children. We would have stability and support and equal amounts of privilege.

None of us would have been raised ourselves in a vicious cycle involving Children’s Division, one that’s almost impossible to break.

We would all be able to parent our own children.

But this is not everyone’s story. And much of it isn’t hers. So we go all in for him because right now she can’t. In turn we also go all in for her.

And on this Mother’s Day though I parent him, I’m not his mom. We love him fiercely like our own, but he is not. And we continue to root for her. Because in a system stacked against her she needs a cheerleader, someone who believes in her and people in her corner.

And as the months go by we remain ever hopeful.

Because in a perfect world every mom would be equipped to parent her own child.