A new adventure.

A new adventure.

We’re moving.

Which feels a bit funny because we just moved 11 months ago. But 11 months ago, Big D was with us and we were still hopeful that we might have kids biologically.

Then, two days after we hauled all our belongings into our new home, the judge ordered Big D to move out of state to be with family. And months later, we came to terms with our infertility.

In the months to follow, we stepped back from foster care to settle in and eventually find our way.

First we explored planting ourselves deeper into this beautiful neighborhood and community. Investing in our home and renovating the space to allow us to foster more kids more comfortably.

Then we paused and considered buying an Airstream and traveling to all the National Parks. Seeking the deep rest and joy that God’s creation brings us.

Finally, we realized that loving foster kiddos has taught us the power of family. And given us a much deeper appreciation for both of our families. For the tremendous love and support we’ve known all our lives.

We realized what we’ve wanted all along is what we still desire most.


So we have begun the process of growing our family permanently through adoption.

As we grow, we’ve realized we want to be closer to our own extended family.

So we are moving to Atlanta to be near cousins and aunts, uncles, and my parents.

We are deeply sad to say goodbye to decade-long friends and community here in St. Louis. Sad to move further from Jonathan’s parents and two of his siblings who live on the other side of the state. We’ll miss them more than we can imagine.

Sad too to pause fostering.

One good thing often feels as if it comes at the price of others.

We know we hope to foster again. We don’t know quite when. Caring for kids in foster care has become a part of who we are. And always will be.

While we don’t know much of what these next months or years will bring, we are feeling our hearts hope in a way that has been elusive for too long. And that feels good.


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  1. Angi

    Best of luck to you on your new adventure!!!! Big hugs to you from the Black Hills of SD!!!! Please keep writing!

  2. Tricia Morris-Taylor

    Wishing you all all the best as you continue your journey together. You’ve touched so many people and I know that you’ll continue to be a light to everyone around you in Atlanta.

  3. Mark

    Best wishes in Atlanta! STL will miss you both.

    And of course you designed your own FSBO sign. I love it.

  4. Anne

    We’re praying for y’all as you close out this chapter and begin another — and we’re so happy that this new chapter is set in Atlanta!! Sending love and hugs to both of you!

    • Liz

      Thank you, dear Anne. I love the way you said that – the next chapter set in Atlanta. Excited to see you more!

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