Foster Care: One Dog’s Story of Change

Foster Care: One Dog’s Story of Change

I was just gifted Foster Care: One Dog’s Story of Change. And whether I paid for it or didn’t, it would be a gift.

Reading with my foster kids has been one of my greatest treasures. I remember little Nick beginning to snuggle for the first time as I read “The Jesus Storybook Bible” one night. Victor’s frustration turning to pride as he began to sound out new words and gain confidence reading aloud. And most of all, night after night swapping books back and forth with Big D. Together we collected stories that became memories. Sometimes he’d see something in real life and compare it to Percy Jackson. Other times, he’d find a story line in the pages that he felt was reflected in his own life.

The books gave us a common language and a path toward dialog.

And that is exactly why I love Foster Care: One Dog’s Story of Change.

The book follows a little pup named Foster as he enters care. He shares angrily that he doesn’t want to be in this new home and other foster kids come alongside him to reassure him. They share a little taste of their own path through foster care and their hopes for what the future might bring for them. It touches on topics from reunification and adoption to counselors and case workers. And paints foster parents in a very generous light.

It’s not a magic bullet, but it promises to be a great tool and I’m grateful for it. Because of the ways I can imagine sharing it with kids we welcome to our home. But more than that, I’m grateful because people are seeing these precious kids and making books to help them navigate foster care.

And that gives me hope.

Thank you Julia Cook and

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