Asking for love.

Asking for love.

We got a dog. Which has turned out to be one of the very best life choices we could make.

Our sweet ten-year-old chocolate lab came to us less than a month ago and we are already over the moon in love with her.

We named her Caskey, after my Papa. He was my hero and my buddy and I miss him dearly. Papa taught me a lot about life, and I have a feeling Caskey will do the same.

She doesn’t bark or whine or actually make any noise at all, so I can’t just listen. I have to pay attention if I want to learn.

And what I’m learning is that my girl loves belly rubs. Not just an occasional pat. This sweet pup is after a full-on belly rub at least a few dozen times a day.

Whether we are next to her or across the room, if she can see us, chances are good that she is on her back with paws in the air. Waiting.

I love that this girl knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it.

Years ago, we had a foster daughter who asked for love without words. She routinely fell over, often on purpose, and moaned about this ache or that scratch. None of them visible.

At first we ran to her side, but soon we realized she was okay. She was always physically okay. But always visibly upset.

Sadly, for a long time we didn’t see her requests for what they were.

Simple asks for someone to come near and show her love.

Next time, I hope I don’t leave a dear child waiting so long.