From sunset to twilight.

From sunset to twilight.

I always wonder at sunsets. The brilliant colors. The impossibly large canvas. The masterpiece of it all.

And then a moment later, gone.

It seems to be a daily reminder of how different I am from God, the creator.

Whenever I make or find even a small thing beautiful, I want to look at it again and again. Frame it and hang it on the wall so that others can look at it too.

I want to keep it. Forever.

But I’m learning that like the sunset that cannot be framed or frozen, so much beauty isn’t mine to keep.

I had the enormous honor of seeing, holding, and knowing Big D for a time. Now he’s gone.

I sit instead in the calm of his twilight. Grasping at the memories and recounting them to keep them fresh. Knowing still, so many have been lost.

But even as they fade, I remember the brilliance of our time together. I can’t quite capture how or why, much like the elusive sunset in the crosshairs of a camera.

Nothing does it justice. But wow. What it was.


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  1. Deanna

    We just saw one of ours who left a year ago. Poignant for sure. Calm after storm, certainly. Bittersweet, always.

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