The Me I Once Was

Yet another inspiring video from Heschle, the makers of ReMoved and Remember My Story.

Short but not sweet, this two minute and thirty-seven second rap is painful to watch.

It wasn’t violent. Lord of the Rings, on the other hand, is much more graphic. But somehow I didn’t shutter or want to turn away in the same way I did from these words and images.

Here, it’s the raw, unwavering emotion of a young woman who knew such violence and abuse and names it.

She doesn’t pull punches or pretend her pain wasn’t real and ugly and unfair.

She also doesn’t stay there. Or leave us there.

She survives. And lives to tell about it. Wishing she could have told herself so many years ago that her beginning wasn’t her end.

Instead, she tells others. Helping them as they face the same.

And tells us. Helping us face our ignorance and choose not to turn away from their realities.