All the feels.

All the feels.

Four months ago yesterday, our two boys moved in with us.

Offhandedly, our eldest told us today about his therapy appointment and the “feelings heart” he drew. He said he wrote the word “love” inside the heart. He made it the biggest word, he explained, “because you love me.”

In four months, it was the first time he has acknowledged feeling loved by us. A big moment.

He then went on to tell us he also wrote the word “doo doo” inside the heart, to recognize the times he feels like he has to go to the bathroom.

All the feels. Eleven-year-old boy style.


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  1. Katie

    HA! I love it. That better go on the fridge! Also so happy for you guys, that you’re seeing some indicators of progress. Celebrate and revel in those little milestones!

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