Being kids.

Being kids.

In foster care, so much ends with a question mark. For everyone.

Nobody knows the future. Or understands the past. The latter often informing the former.

But foster care sits smack in the in between. In the space of unknowns and trying to figure outs.

As we all search to find answers for these precious kids, the insights needed are often in the kids themselves. Hidden inside little bodies that don’t have the tools to process or share all their short lives have known.

Day in and day out, we focus on triggers and talk about big feelings. We ask open-ended questions and give them space to share.

So many moments carrying the weight of something bigger. Reactions revealing fears. Demands showing anxieties. Every word speaking volumes.

Until playtime.

And finally, these kids get to be kids. Doing flips on the trampoline. Racing each other on the track. Climbing to the top of the jungle gym.

Their eyes showing pure delight. Their words asking to be watched and loved and celebrated. Nothing more or less.

And finally, we get to be their cheerleaders. Clapping and high-fiving. No note-taking or over-analyzing why or when or how.

We all get to just be humans together in that moment. And we all need more of that.

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