Strider Wolf.

Strider Wolf.

Strider Wolf, a five-year-old fella from Maine, has a story shared by Sarah Schweitzer of The Boston Globe. It’s worth reading. Worth watching.

As I begin to describe it, I find myself listing words I’ve used before. Words I use too often. Adjectives that seem to be resounding themes in foster care.

But Strider’s story isn’t the same as Jen’s or Robb’s. I don’t want to treat it like it is.

I don’t want to summarize it in a paragraph. Confine it to a string of sentences. Define it with a single word.

It’s not mine to name. To tell or retell third or fourth or fifth hand.

Instead, I will stop and listen. Remembering he is a precious little boy who needs, as Schweitzer says, “the one thing known to reverse the cascading effects of trauma on young brains…the constancy, security, and persistence of love.”

Remembering his story is true. And honoring it with the respect and care it deserves. He deserves.