Singing love.

Singing love.

Being a foster dad comes with great challenges and great joy.

One of the chief joys is singing with our kiddos.

I can’t hold a tune in a tin can, but they don’t complain.

(The same cannot be said for nieces and nephews. Recently, I sang to two-year old niece Katie on a visit to the Science Center. She looked at me, pursed her lips, and whispered “Shut. Up.”)

Mostly, I sing songs to our foster kiddos about how they are treasured and loved. Treasured and loved, treasured and loved. That’s a common refrain at our house. It’s something the kiddos need to hear.

The songs are never long, because I’m not too creative.

So with little Robb, age three, I sing, “I love that Robb boy, oh yes I do. I love that Robb boy, he is so [long pause]…”

Robb yells loudly, “PRECIOUS!”

And I say, “Good job, Robb!”

Last week, Robb turned the tables. He sang to me, “I love that Robb boy, he is so [long pause]…”

I yelled, “precious!”

And Robb said, “Good job, Mr. Jonathan!”


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