Statistics. We have a love, hate relationship. They give you a good picture of reality sometimes. But always with a box. And usually not one anyone would like to be inside.

Especially these statistics. These kids. These boxes.

And so I share these numbers with hesitation. And with hope.

Because I also know that the difference here is one caring adult. One.

Not one expert. Not even one foster parent. One caring adult.

One person who believes you, supports you, encourages you, loves you, wants good things for you.

I’ve heard these statistics negated with new statistics in my trauma classes because of one caring adult. One.

I feel overwhelmed by the pain of these statistics. By the number of kids in care. And the breadth and depth of pain they experience.

But we can do this. We can do one caring adult. One.


SocialWork@Simmons: Demystifying Foster Care, SocialWork@Simmons