Another place at the the table.

Another place at the the table.

Another Place at the Table is Kathy Harrison’s beautiful narrative of her experience as a foster parent. She shares the ups, downs, heartbreaks, hopes, joys and pains of caring for hurting children.

I read her book as we were taking classes to become foster parents ourselves and highly recommend it. She writes from an honest place. Aching over the pain these kids have experienced and will experience. And yet finding her own limitations.

Looking at her stories again after becoming a foster parent, I find myself nodding in new ways. Feeling those aches of wanting better for these precious children. And knowing our own inabilities to make it so.

As she says so well…

“Fostering means knowing about things most of us would prefer to forget. It means recognizing that our best is often not good enough. It means only knowing the difficult beginnings of a story and being forced to imagine the end. It means loving children who will ultimately leave us, then drying our tears and letting ourselves love again.”


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