I see you.

I see you.

I never knew a smile as big as Robb’s. Or one to last as long. Or sound as much like pure joy.

It’s hard to define whether it’s a laugh or a smile. Regardless the whole thing cannot and should not be contained or hindered. Whether falling down or eating a banana, this boy is delighted.

One of Robb’s favorite car ride games is pretty simple. To be honest, I am not very creative in coming up with games. So pretty much all of them are simple.

This one entails my making eye contact with Robb via the rear view mirror and then saying, “I see you!”

It’s ok, you can steal it.

But seriously, the kid loves this game. I couldn’t stop if I wanted to. Because who would want to stop hearing a three year old squeal with happiness as if you just gave him a pony? Nobody.

It deserves a record label. And we should all stream it in the winter. Or at least after the news.

Again, all that’s happening here is I am looking at Robb and then telling him that I see him. And while he’s a sweet child who might just as easily gaffaw over my touching my nose, it gives me pause that it is my seeing him that delights him.

As a foster kid, I would want to be seen. To be sought after. To be affirmed that I was seen and known. Even understood.

Even without being a foster kid, I want that.

The car game might not be a keeper for others who come to our home, but I think the words are. With a quiet tone and gentle, steadfast eyes.

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  1. Ursula

    Our God-given desired to be loved, to belong, to be cared for, to be seen. So simply and beautifully pointed out Liz

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