Father’s Day.

Father’s Day.

I had said “I love you” before Jonathan but I don’t think I really knew what I meant till I met him. And I certainly didn’t know what it meant to be on the receiving end.

Love comes in many forms. Gifts. Service. Touch. But the one Jonathan introduced me to was song.

I can’t sing on key or clap on beat so music in general is a stretch for me. And I think that’s fair to say about Jonathan as well.

But while I sit dances out and sing at an inaudible frequency, Jonathan goes for it. To everyone’s delight. Especially mine.

He doesn’t stop there either. He writes his own lyrics. And sings them. With falsetto. Every octave saying “I love you.” And most of the words not veering far either.

The songs written just for me.

Until we had foster kids who needed and deserved “I love you” in a deep baritone even more than I did.

I confess to being a tinge jealous the first time I heard my song with a different heroine. But that jealousy soon made room for my overflowing pride and joy. Watching in delight as my husband snuggles these precious children and teaches them love.

Happy Dad’s Day, Jonathan. Your love is stronger than I ever imagined.

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