The problem with our foster care “pipeline.”

The problem with our foster care “pipeline.”

“Foster kids don’t need a pipeline. They need a platoon. They need a steadfast, permanent community—a bastion of supporters and caregivers that will not constantly shift. The attitudes and mores necessary for proper care of the needy are rooted in the soil of community.”

I couldn’t agree more. That’s the heart of the community I’m hopeful we can build here. So that we might build it out there. In our neighborhoods, in our schools, in our churches. Caring for our kids.

This article by Gracy Olmstead cries out for us to work together. Because reality cries out for it.

She explores scary statistics naming that “about 60 percent of the children rescued [from sex trafficking] have had some experience in the foster care system or a group home.”

God help us. Help us not only rescue kids from this, but give them something far better. True love.