3 Rules.

3 Rules.

After making it through a 3 inch binder of state laws and checklists, the abundance of don’ts and absence of dos was adding up. So for our house rules, we decided to keep it positive and simple. For us and for the kids.

  1. Tell the truth.
  2. 2. Be kind.
  3. 3. Show respect.

More than laws of behavior, these are the ways we love each other. They seem simple, but still prove to be impossibly hard. For us and for the kids. We have to ask forgiveness from the kids, just as they do from us and from each other. More often than any of us care to admit.

We all miss it. And sometimes apologies are more obligatory than heartfelt. An eye roll or bitter tone always requires another attempt. Or several. But then, there are real apologies. Deep ones. Where one of us sees that we missed love. We snapped or snarled or screamed for 45 minutes. And we know and name that it isn’t ok. The offended isn’t asked to say it is. Yet in the midst of that ache, we meekly and boldly ask, “will you forgive me?”

And we all become a little bit Anne of Green Gables. Relishing that tomorrow will be “a new day with no mistakes in it yet.”

We can try again at love.



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