Head and heart. (part two)

Head and heart. (part two)

As months passed, Jen’s disgruntled posture took a stronger and stauncher stance. Every time Jonathan or I showed each other affection with a word or a kiss, she lit in. Screams or tantrums could be expected touting that we never did or said nice things to her.

We always encouraged her to write. And so with skill and passion, she penned letters and drew pictures expressing her feelings. Images of a green Jen gagging at the sight of us arm in arm stood beside angry accusations.

It was hard to see the reality behind her feelings. Through my eyes, we praised everything and anything we could. Constantly affirming our love and telling the kids we must have “won the lottery” to be able to have them in our home. Jen’s name was rarely spoken without a “beautiful” or “precious” before it.

The words were there. But they were getting lost.

At the end of our rope, one day we asked Jen to begin storing our kind words in her head and in her heart by touching each, every time she heard us encourage her. At first, we had to ask her to do it each time. Soon, we simply made eye contact after a kind word, touching our own head and heart. But before we knew it, she began doing it on her own. With a sweet grin lighting up her face every time. Touching her head. Touching her heart.

And grace upon grace. The competition was over.


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  1. Pam H.

    Thank you for sharing this. What a great way to have her visualize that she too is precious to you both. Thank you for sharing.

    I came across your blog and have started at what I think is the beginning, but I’m not sure. I appreciate your sharing and your writings.

    • Liz

      Thanks so much for reading! The first post is technically “A Compliment” but they aren’t in any order. Just stories and reflections as they come. Thanks for your encouragement.

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